Are you generating excess Solar Power and giving it back to the grid for next to nothingĀ ?
Why not redirect your excess Solar Power into your Electric Hot Water Unit saving you hundreds every year!

Catch Power Overview

By installing CATCH inside your meter box it is possible to take control of the electricity your solar is creating. CATCH will take any electricity that would normally be sent out to the Grid and redirect it into your hot water tank, saving you hundreds of dollars every year.

What makes up Catch ?

  • The Diverter
  • The Communicator
  • The Catch Cloud Servers

Catch Power devices use an adaptive learning algorithm to ensure optimum use of the generated solar. Our Cloud Servers take the data received from Catch and combine it with weather forecasts; the combined data is used to optimise the use of your solar

The online Catch Power Portal lets you have full control over your Hot Water with live graphed data and 3 options for your Hot Water Unit:

  1. Hot Water On Now
  2. Hot Water On when Off Peak available
  3. Hot Water Uses Solar Only

How does it Work ?

The Catch Power comes in two parts – the Diverter and the Communicator.

  • The Diverter gets install into the Meter Box
  • The Diverter monitors power coming and going from your premises; when the Diverter senses power leaving it redirects that power to your hot water service
  • The Communicator plugs into a power point next to your internet router, then it connects into your router to get access to the internet
  • The Communicator passes information from our Cloud Servers to the diverter and takes data from the diverter and sends it to our Cloud Servers
  • The Communicator and Diverter use the existing premises electrical wiring to communicate, there are no extra wires needed